Is 30 The Age We Should Really Start to Look After Our Skin

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Jane, Sam and Lynn

3rd May 2017 - by Samantha



From the age of 30 the tell-tale signs of ageing begin to show on the skin in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.   The effects of partying, late nights, smoking, alcohol and excessive sun exposure hardly showed in our skin in our teens and 20’s.

By our 30s our skin is less forgiving after a night on the town and may be prone to pigmentation, fatigue, and the first visible lines and wrinkles.  30 is an age where we are hopefully settled in a career and maybe juggling a career, home and children adding fatigue and stress to our bodies which in turn shows on our face.  Skin can become thinner and finer, more sensitive, lacking moisture and duller. This is due to the slowing down of cell turnover. As the cells are not being replaced as quickly as they used to this build up can lead to dry skin. Loss of collagen, due to smoking and sun damage, can be responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles that are appearing around the eye and mouth areas. Frown and smile lines become more apparent in our 30s. A reduction of natural moisturising factors may have started at this age.

At 30 your skin may look great, but it is a crucial time for skin and a few tweaks to your normal routine will pay dividends in the future.

 A good cleansing routine is essential with a good quality cleanser.  Do not use wipes! Wipes are full of alcohol. Even the alcohol free ones seem to contain alcohol! Alcohol makes the skin so dry and sensitive. Wipes certainly do not perform an efficient cleanse.  The face should be cleansed in the morning and before retiring to bed. Using a gentle scrub twice a week will help to remove the dead cells caused by the slowing down of the cell turnover.  A moisturiser should be applied morning and evening to the face and neck.  A factor 15 sun protection should be applied every morning and a higher factor must be applied when exposed to strong sunlight to prevent any further damage.

30 is the best time to start using an anti-ageing eye cream as a preventative measure. It will work wonders in reducing fine lines and wrinkles for years to come.

At Hough Green Clinic we recommend PRIORI(R) Advanced AHA skin care containing key ingredient Lactic Acid which is clinically proven to stimulate cell renewal. It stimulates the skin to produce its own moisture from the inside out in the form of Hyaluronic Acid, which is the molecule produced by the skin for binding and holding water. AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) help to dissolve the cellular cement that holds dead cells together, thereby removing unwanted pigment and rough skin so that the skin appears smoother, radiant and youthful.

Our professional treatments include PRIORI(R) Skin Renewal Peel. This is a rebalancing peel that does not damage the skin, but slows down the ageing process working naturally with the skin to reduce fine lines, pigmentation, dehydration and skin break outs.

Jane Bryant,

Advanced Skin Health Specialist

Hough Green Clinic





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