The Art of Perfect Eyebrows

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Jane, Sam and Lynn

12th December 2017 - by Samantha

Eyebrows have been an important feature dating back to Egyptian times. Both Egyptian men and women wore make-up for its super-natural powers. As an homage to the God Horus, heavily lined eyes were the focal point of the face and so eyebrows had to be equally prominent. They darkened, arched and elongated their eyebrows with carbon and black oxide substances. Cleopatra definitely was the pioneer of the bold eyebrow look. 

The purpose of eyebrows is to protect the eyes from sweat, rain and moisture as it runs along the brows and brow bone down the side of the face away from the eyes. They may also deflect debris and shield our eyes from the sun. They are also good for expressive non-verbal communication such as frowning and raising our eyebrows.  

As eyebrows are one of the most distinguished features of our face, and some people will go as far as saying eyebrows are as important in appearance as teeth, it is important that we look after our brows and groom them accordingly. 

As we age eyebrows alter. For men they become thicker, longer and bushier. For women they can reduce in number and thin out, but occasionally hairs can become annoyingly coarse, curly and wiry. They also can become grey or white. 

Professional eyebrow shaping is the best way to achieve the perfect brow. We have all plucked out eyebrows that we feel are growing in the wrong place and then regretted what we have created. If you do pluck an eyebrow hair always pluck out the hair in the direction that it is growing as near to the skin as possible. If you pull a hair straight out away from you, you may distort the follicle and any returning hair may regrow sticking straight out. 

Lynn Smith is our Eyebrow Professional at Hough Green Clinic. Lynn has been taming wayward, straggly, uneven and more eyebrows for over 20 years. She has even taught students at college the art of the perfect eyebrows. 

Lynn’s secret to the perfect eyebrows includes precise measurements, eyebrow tinting, gentle Lycon waxing any unwanted strays and creating the perfect shape for you. She will also offer plenty of helpful advice on grooming your beautiful brows. 

For those eyebrows that are thinning we recommend RevitaBrow to encourage the hairs to grow and thicken. From my own experience, not only have my natural brows thickened, but I have found that grey hairs have regrown in their original brown colour after using RevitaBrow!  

For further information about creating beautiful brows and a free consultation please call Lynn at Hough Green Clinic telephone number 01244 680414. 

Jane Bryant 

Advanced Skin Specialist 

Hough Green Clinic 

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