Look Out Dry Skin - Rehydration to the Rescue

21st January 2016 - by Samantha

The contrast between the extreme cold outdoors and the warm central heating in the home and the heater in the car can cause havoc with our skin. The drastic changes in temperature causes it to constantly adapt to this ever changing environment. Skin can be more resilient to these changes with a healthy barrier function, which helps to prevent dehydration, as well as inflammation and irritation. A compromised barrier function causes skin to be unable to retain moisture, protect itself from the environment and ultimately loses the ability to repair and renew itself.

The skin becomes rough, dry, sensitive, reddened with pronounced red veins and may even be prone to accelerated signs of ageing.

Scaly, dehydrated skin also promotes the formation of milia. These are hard little whiteheads that are made up of solidified oil and skin debris that are trapped under the layer of dead and dry skin cells. If left untreated these milia become enlarged, deep seated, quite solid and tricky to extract.

Skin prone to Rosacea is also affected by extreme temperature fluctuation.

At Hough Green Clinic we recommend Elizabeth Arden PRO Barrier Repair Complex which can be considered as "first aid" for sensitive and Rosacea skins. It is oil free and will nourish, soothe, and protect with soothing ingredients that will assist in repairing an impaired lipid barrier.

Elizabeth Arden PRO recently launched Hydrating Antioxidant Spray also known as an "essence". This is a formula with few "filler" ingredients but active ones such as hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, antioxidants and fermented ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin. Essences are designed to enhance its natural barrier function, to shield the skin from extreme heat and cold and provide an"environmental protection veil".

Elizabeth Arden PRO Intense Hydrating Cream is rich, melts onto the skin providing long-lasting hydration. Its skin strengthening ingredients include, ceramides, shea butter, safflower oil. Lactic Acid gently works to remove dead skin cells. This Intense Hydrating Cream protects the skin - almost as if it were wearing a soft cashmere sweater!

Elizabeth Arden PRO Replenishing Masque is a hydrating at-home treatment to quickly boost very dry, parched winter skin after a 10 minute treatment twice weekly or can be massaged into the skin and left on overnight, so that you awaken with dewy, hydrated skin on even the coldest of winter days.

Our Elizabeth Arden PRO Professional Hydrating Peels are designed to dramatically rehydrate the skin whilst gently removing dead cells and preventing the formation of milia.

Hough Green Clinic treats and removes milia. Please ask Samantha for details.

Jane Bryant,

Advanced Skin Health Specialist

Hough Green Clinic

Tel: 01244 680414.