We pride ourselves with our renowned prescriptive, science based Facials by Elizabeth Arden PRO and Priori which combat ageing, pigmentation, acne, rosacea. Unlike microdermabrasion, AHA Lactic Acid Peels and Anti-ageing Facials strengthen skin rebuilding collagen and elastin and naturally hydrate and exfoliate.

Hough Green Clinic Chester is abreast with the latest technology. Venus Freeze reverses ageing, tightens sagging skin, such as the jowls and neck, painlessly, long term and naturally using Radio Frequency and Magnetic pulse technology. Venus Freeze also reduces fat, cellulite and "bingo wings".  We can also treat specific areas, such as around the eyes, neck tightening and brow lifting

Laser hair removal or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) by internationally renowned Ellipse for hair removal, red vein, pigmentation and acne treatments.

We are Sterex trained and registered to remove unwanted hair by Electrolysis. Skin tags, milia, thread veins, warts/verrucas and many skin blemishes are removed by advanced Electrolysis and/or Cryopen.

Lycon waxing is a specialist resin wax treatment that is virtually pain free, waxing away the shortest hairs in all areas of the body including intimate waxing namely the bikini, the Brazilian and Hollywood.

The Genie Take 10 non-surgical face lift is a 10 minute personal trainer for the face to enhance cheek bones, sharpen the jaw line and tighten jowls, diminishing lines and wrinkles.